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Mixtape Review: Narrated For You

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Pop singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin released his first mixtape titled “Narrated For You” on Nov. 16. Consisting of 12 relatable songs covering various themes and unique, yet thought-provoking lyrics, Benjamin’s mixtape is deserving of high praise.

Calling himself the narrator, Benjamin tells stories of his past through his music, and in my opinion, his style of music is a breath of fresh air in the pop music industry. His songs contain catchy lyrics and oftentimes, a slow beat.

Benjamin’s mixtape covers topics such as heartbreak, family, and self-reflection. In his song, “Steve,” he heavily references the Christian Bible with a moral near the end of the song. He sings about taking advice from Steve when Steve warned Adam and Eve to appreciate what they had instead of risking it for a moment of pleasure. An audience of all ages will be able to connect with the relatable themes his songs encompass.

For example, in Benjamin’s song “1994,” his birth year, he tells his own story of growing up and losing his childhood innocence. After seeing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, he realizes that “nobody’s invincible because people die.”

In his song, “Water Fountain,” Benjamin covers the topic of heartbreak, by expressing regret for letting his love be with another man. He discusses hypotheticals regarding him and the person he loves such as getting together with his love if she ever comes back to him.

The beats of Benjamin’s songs do not overpower his storytelling. Guitar and piano can often be heard loud and clear as the background of his songs. His simple composed beats add to his calm aesthetic.

Because Benjamin’s music is fairly slow and his voice is soft and calming, his music can be used as background music when doing homework or setting up a calm atmosphere. If not, his songs are still great to listen to and pay attention to.

Although, I initially was not interested in Benjamin’s mixtape, after some more listening and interpretation of his songs through YouTube’s recommendations, I can confidently say that it is a mixtape worth listening to, and I recommend it to anybody who is searching for calm songs with morals as Benjamin’s songs make you ponder about your priorities and basic characteristics.

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