Review: Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet is Disney’s newest movie and is the second sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. Earning over 100 million dollars in the box office within the first 12 days of opening, it has become Disney’s most successful sequel. The movie follows the adventures of Vanellope, voiced by Sarah Silverman, and Ralph, voiced by John Reilly, as they venture through the Internet.  

Vanellope and Ralph are characters in arcade games who are prompted to leave their games and go to the Internet when Sugar Rush, Vanellope’s arcade game, is broken. In order to fix the game, Ralph and Vanellope must travel through the Internet, find Ebay, and purchase a Sugar Rush Steering Wheel from the website. However, the course of the movie takes a turn when Vanellope discovers a new racing game.

This new racing game, Slaughter Race, steals Vanellope’s heart. She considers leaving her original game to join Slaughter Race instead. This decision, however, will mean abandoning Ralph, who has been by her side for six years. Their friendship is put to the test as the two must overcome their problems in order for their companionship to prevail.

Since the movie takes places in the Internet, there are several references that most Internet users can understand or relate to. In one scene, audiences will watch as Ralph and Vanellope, who are both new and naive to the internet, fall victim to pop-up advertisements. They also experience the adverse effects of viruses first-hand. This was interesting to watch, because as an Internet-user, viruses are something that I have to be aware of.

While the movie was plenty humorous with jokes centering upon Disney princess stereotypes and viral memes, the movie also covers the more dark and sensitive topics of the Internet. For instance, when Ralph attempts to go viral in the movie, he feels satisfaction from all of the “hearts” and likes, but soon spirals down a hole of insecurities upon reading the negative comments of his posts. This is Ralph’s first realization that the Internet can be unforgiving and bitter at times. I enjoyed how the movie touched on both the good and the bad aspects of the Internet.

Overall, this movie was entertaining, and I would highly recommend watching Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet, especially if you enjoyed watching the first movie. The sequel lived up to my expectations and in my opinion, was better than the original because it discussed important matters like friendship.


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