Apples to angels Kevin Jiang

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Coming from the lights of New York City (NYC) and flying through the skies, junior Kevin Jiang did not have a choice to decide if he wanted to go away to the state of California (CA) when he was a newborn. Jiang was very young when his family relocated from his original home, which resulted in a different social environment.

“My family [was] born in NYC and we moved here to try out the living conditions here,” Jiang said. “I was about two months old when I moved here by plane according to my grandparents, so I don’t know much.” 

As time went on, his parents left him to go back to work. His siblings also chose to travel back to NYC because living there was not for them. Jiang stayed as his home was in Rosemead now.

“My family stayed here [for a little] but didn’t like it as much as I did so they moved back,” Jiang said. “It’s just me and my grandparents now.”

Despite liking the area that he lives in, Jiang was unsure about living in CA due to complications with his stay.

“Rides were a problem because [my grandparents] are much older and tend to not go out as much as my parent would, but I usually go out by myself,” Jiang said. “I like the city a little more here at Los Angeles because it is more unique [and] diverse. There is always something happening.”

Although Jiang may never think of living in NYC again, he does visit every once in a while. However, this year Jiang does not plan to visit his family as he no longer enjoys going there anymore because he does not do much there. His family also plans to move back to Rosemead in two years to spend more time with him.

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