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Schools tend to operate with their students’ best interests in mind, providing them with resources to help. At San Gabriel, the same idea applies. With a campus staffed with college counselors, a career center and much more, it would be assumed that students would take advantage of these resources. However, many fail to do so. As a public school, the failure to utilize these resources only results in a waste of money and privileges.

The Public Policy Institute of California states that “California’s public schools receive funding from three sources.” Of all funding, 29 percent comes from property taxes and other local sources. With this whopping number, taxpayers would definitely want their money to be put to good use. Resources such as those provided by San Gabriel demonstrate a few ways of how money is utilized in schools. However, not utilizing resources to their full potential will only result in the community to lose out. If students do not take advantage of resources, funds are obsolete being put into these resources.

Students need to know how to take matters into their own hands. If they do not have the willpower to seek out these opportunities, many resources are not taken advantage of. Rather than sulking over not knowing what career to pursue, students should take it upon themselves to reach out and communicate with people on campus who are there to help. Despite being afraid to speak to staff members or to seek advice, they should go out of their comfort zones in order to ultimately benefit themselves.

When students ignore resources on campus, it only results in their own unpreparedness.
“Less than half of students feel positively about their college and career readiness,” Youthtruth, a non-profit organization, said. In a research polling over 165,000 students, it was concluded that under 36 percent of students used counseling for help on future career possibilities, college admissions requirements, and on applying for college. Resources are available, but when they are not used, it only results on students losing out. Being unwilling to set aside a few hours after school or during lunch to research on colleges, many often leave questions unanswered due to their lack of motivation.

Students argue that they do not approach resources as they were unaware of them. Schools are partially at fault for not properly informing students of these resources, but the blame also lands on the students. Information does not always fall into their hands, as they should be actively searching for resources and ways to get advice on campus. Being unaware of resources is not a valid excuse to not taking advantage of opportunities.

Schools can certainly do more to simplify things for students, making these opportunities more relevant on campus. However, it is ultimately up to students to seek out these opportunities for their own greater good.

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