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Review: No longer the villain

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Investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) researches a massive story behind the widely popular organization called the Life Foundation, founded by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). During his investigation, Brock comes into contact with an alien symbiote and gains superhuman strength and power. The symbiote named Venom bonds with Brock, creating his newfound abilities and forming a power struggle between the parasite and his host.

Released on Oct. 5, Venom has topped the box office at $500 million. Rated PG-13 due to intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action along with language, Venom was filmed in association with Marvel Studios.

The film follows the origin story of Eddie Brock or Venom as an anti-hero rather than a villain to Spider-man, who is not in the movie. Personally, I liked the new spin of the classic comic book character because a majority of the movie focuses on the slow growth of Venom as he has to adapt with the new surroundings. The movie was not made to be a comedy, with only a few sarcastic comments by both Brock and Venom.

This was not the typical superhero origin story, which  made it more interesting to see the slightly darker themes play on screen. The multiple deaths in the continuous action scenes caused by the seemingly protagonist, are seen more than in other superhero action films. The contrast between doing what is needed to survive and what is morally right adds in a new aspect, abnormal of villains or heroes, in which traits of both can be found in Venom.

Overall I enjoyed the movie with its new take on the comics from which the character appears, while still maintaining key aspects in design of the symbiote. Comparing the costume used for the movie and the classic look in the comics, little seems to have changed from the transfer of comic to movie. However, the usage of Venom in the Spider-man comics was imperative as he was one of the greatest enemies of Peter Parker. Despite not including Spider-man, I enjoyed the film and all of the action shots that captured the struggle of control between Venom and Brock.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys an anti-hero film that contains a large number of fighting and action scenes.

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