Overcompetitiveness in school environments threatens friendships

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Amidst the constant rise of academic expectation, students are subject to high standards imposed by parents, other peers, and administrators. Resulting from this is the fierce academic competition between friends.
The escalation of academic valor stems from feeling the need to surpass others, which comes from the pressure of parents or friends. There is little room left for errors in tests and assignments; performing poorly on a test could easily cause someone’s grade to drop, putting them far behind others who performed better. Having to keep up with the studies of each individual class is stressful—particularly for those taking Advanced Placement classes. Additionally, people who are deemed “geniuses” are becoming more common, and they set the bar high up for everyone else. The current state of education causes not only stress, but toxicity as well.
While students are hard at work for school, their focus is locked onto educational purposes, which correlates to them disregarding others’ feelings. With this problem persistently happening, it creates not only a void between friends but a negativity as well. People drift apart from each other in pursuit of a promising future, eventually forming toxic relationships. This relationship is comprised of envy that is shown when one does better than another on a test, quiz, or assignment.
Though academics are a high priority of many high school students, it should not inhibit their social interactions so much as to break friendships. Despite it being difficult to juggle socialization and education, the immediate address should not be to denounce others. Although students are stressed about their futures, they should maintain healthy friendships.
Simply, this could be resolved by just not imposing negative views on other people, but some are just geared toward that behavior. As the circumstances of school competitivity worsen, many are still too absorbed in their academics to care about anyone else. Students need to prevent their educational endeavors from hurting their friendships.

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