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Databases provide students with reliable information

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Three new databases have been added to the online resources K-12 students can access. Its purpose is to contribute reliable information to students relating to the state’s curriculum and was inputted by the Technology Information Services (TIS) on Oct. 12.

Because of the need for more online content relating to California’s curriculum, state executive secretary Nancy McFadden allowed the state to spend $3 million on the K-12 Online Resources Project. This project gave all K-12 schools in the state access to three online library databases at no cost.

The new databases that were added are ProQuest, Encyclopedia Britannica, and It contains sources such as magazines, journals, books, photographs, maps, and newspaper articles.

“On these online databases are collections of information that have been filtered by a group of editors, and it’s updated on a daily basis,” school librarian Lorraine Tom said. “The information is checked for accuracy, relevance, and [whether it is] up to date.”

Responsible for implementing and checking the system’s function, Alhambra Unified School District’s (AUSD) TIS wants to spread student access to the databases. Currently, it can only be accessed if students have a electronic device connected to the school’s Wi-Fi.

“In the near future, we plan to work with the State Library to configure authentication so [that] AUSD students have the ability to log in from outside the district network using their email username and password,” AUSD Director of Technology Ashton Potter said.

The State Library will be able to contract with the providers for the next five years, giving K-12 schools continuous access until then.

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