The Dive SKC puts its own twist on the classic chicken noodle soup with its homemade lemon garlic broth, Andouille sausage, seasoned chicken, and linguine.

Review: The Dive SKC spices up seafood with Southern style

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The Dive SKC (Steam Kettle Cooking), a contemporary Cajun and Creole restaurant, might just be the perfect place to satisfy all your seafood cravings. Though the menu is limited as of now with the restaurant still being in its soft opening, it already offers a unique variety of Southern style dishes, most of which contain fresh seafood.

The Dive SKC prepares all their food using an uncommon cooking method called steam kettle cooking. Individual steam-jacketed kettles, equipped with heating and precise temperature control, are used to quickly and thoroughly cook food all while making sure nothing gets overcooked. This was what truly piqued my interest and made me want to take the plunge into going to The Dive SKC.

Once I stepped inside, I was immediately amazed by vibrant murals of aquatic sea creatures on the walls, antique diving helmets, and the kettle bar where customers can ask to be seated at, so  they can watch chefs prepare their food using the steam-jacketed kettles.

My family was instantly greeted by a hostess who allowed us to choose our table before we were seated shortly after. Before taking our orders, our server described the process of steam kettle cooking to us, which undoubtedly fascinated my family. When we were ready to order, we were asked to choose a spiciness level from one to ten for each dish since Cajun and Creole cuisines are generally considered to be spicy. Both cuisines share many of the same ingredients, but some differences are that Cajun cuisine does not use tomatoes, is usually less spicy than Creole cuisine, and is considered “country food,” while Creole cuisine is considered “city food.”

My favorite dish would have to be their specialty, House Pan Roast, made from a tomato-based cream sauce, which includes diced celery, onion, and green bell peppers, topped off with a scoop of Jasmine rice, because of all the different kinds of seafood mixed into it. Surprisingly, their chicken noodle soup was everything but ordinary, for it was made with a tangy, flavorful lemon garlic broth. Their delicious Po’ Boy blackened chicken sandwich came with a side of Cajun fries which were very crispy and savory. Their scrumptious breaded chicken wings with Cajun seasoning were served with a side of carrot and celery sticks along with ranch dip.

All things considered, this was definitely a delightful dining experience, because our server was constantly checking in with us to see if we needed anything throughout the night, and even if the food was a bit expensive, each dish was definitely large enough to be shared among several people. The experience was worth it in the end, as every dish was packed with an immense amount of flavor. Any lover of seafood would definitely enjoy eating at The Dive SKC.

The Dive SKC is located at 5708 Rosemead Blvd. #100, Temple City, CA 91780 and can be reached at 626-766-1569.

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