Outside hitter and blocker Monse Enciso (14) vaults up to the net to tip the ball. Her team waits behind her in anticipation, ready to receive the incoming Lancer attack.

Girls varsity volleyball jousted by Lancers

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Girls varsity volleyball played the Bell Gardens Lancers on Oct. 4, losing the game 1-3.

Before the game began, seniors were each presented with a golden crown consisting of their name and number, a black sash proclaiming they played on the team, and a bouquet composed of red roses and sunflowers by the underclass varsity members on the team. The bleachers were filled with cheering friends and family, making it the loudest game of the season.

In the first play of the game, setter Virginia Situ went up to serve. The ball was thrown high into the air as her arm swung back and smacked it at the peak of the toss. It flew over the net and hit the floor, securing the point for San Gabriel (SG), but failed to lead the team to victory.

“I think [senior night affected] how I played because my mom, grandma, and friends were watching,” senior Stephanie Linares said. “It meant a lot to me that they were there.”

The remainder of the first set occurred with Bell Gardens passing the girls in terms of points. Passers opened up and chased the ball across the court, trying to end the Lancers’ lead, but as balls dropped to the floor, they failed to come back. Bell Gardens defeated the Matadors 25-15 in the first set.

Early into the second set, the crowd bundled up in the bleachers screamed out of happiness as a ball perceived as unsavable was saved, setting the mood for the rest of the set. Bell Gardens struck the ball and it flew over the net, bouncing backwards off two girls’ arms towards the back of the court before Situ saved the ball with her hand. It sailed over the net, landing right in the middle of the opposing side, giving SG the point. Perfectly placed tips by seniors Monse and Kimberly Enciso left the Lancers scrambling for plays and SG triumphed over Bell Gardens 25-22.

The last two sets were crucial to the game, as both teams each needed to win a total of two more sets to become victorious. It was the third set when Bell Gardens started to win and continued their lead. However, the Matadors kept on fighting for the win, hoping to triumph on senior night, causing the score to go back and forth, but as the set ended, Bell Gardens won, 25-20.

Entering the last set, the Matadors were at a disadvantage. The girls pulled off multiple comebacks, as did the Lancers. The game ended 25-21 with a win for Bell Gardens.

“I think we played well,” Linares said. “It was just intense at times. I’m proud of my girls.”

As the last game with a chance to advance to CIF, the volleyball team was heartbroken with the loss. The final game of the season occurred at Mark Keppel on Oct. 9 with a loss of 1-3.

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