Drama department hosts Halloween maze

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The annual Halloween maze, hosted by the drama department, will be held during lunch from Oct. 25 to Oct. 31 in the auditorium.

With another year passing by, the drama members prepare to bewilder students with spine-chilling costumes and death-defying jumpscares.

“I attend [the Halloween maze] every year because I like the thrill of being scared with my friends as we embark on a frightening trip together,” junior Stephanie Calletano said. “The adrenaline rush before turning a corner makes the experience so exhilarating.”

The Halloween maze has gone through many rectifications in order to insinuate a deeper sense of terror for those who are willing to set foot inside the maze.

“This year, we had a consultant from Halloween Horror Nights come in to give us ideas [for the Halloween maze],” drama adviser Patrick Posada said. “Expect thrills, chills, and scares.”

The scenes will be more elaborate compared to the previous years as Posada and his crew will pay close attention to detail (costumes, set, and effects) in order to make the attractions feel as realistic as possible.

Unlike the previous years, the drama department will have a brand new approach in order to diminish the amount light.

“It’s usually really dark [inside the Halloween maze] so we give [students] little lights, but [this year] we’re trying to figure out a way where they don’t need the light,” senior Lily Cabrera said. “Anyone can go in there by themselves without being completely lost.”

With all new surprises in store, ticket prices for the Halloween maze are expected to be $9. However, if students purchase a Karm’l Dapple from drama club, they will get a $1 off admission.

Tickets can be bought at the student bank or at the door on Oct. 25. Since tickets are limited, those purchased on a specific day will only apply to that day.

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