Olmedo expresses her quirky art style

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As Jessica Sandercock’s class is in session, junior Ivette Olmedo thinks of an art idea. She takes out her pencil and eraser and sketches away in her sketchbook.

When she’s done with the sketch or completes an art piece, Olmedo loves to show her art to her friends..

“You can say I like to draw cartoon-y style,” Olmedo said. “I used to draw really round, now I draw with sharp angles.”

As Olmedo developed her unique art style using samples from Steven Universe, she changed how she drew faces and bodies once she became more serious about art. Instead of a more round-looking face and a very skinny body, she started going for more of an anime and cartoon-ish art style.

“I plan on [making art my career],” Olmedo said. “I mean, I’m working on a webcomic.”

She wants to use her quirky art style to create a webcomic and for people to know that it is her art. She wants people to see her drawings, and know that she is the artist for her comics, her postcards, and her work. She wants to be known for her unique art style.

“ My parents did not want me to draw as a career,” Olmedo said.

In 6th grade, her parents did not support her doing art because it was not a stable career, but her friend said something inspirational that clicked in her mind. Her friend’s quote made her return to art, and that made her life happy.

“A friend I met in 7th grade inspired me to draw more,” Olmedo said. “She is a good friend [of mine] to this day, and still inspires me to draw.”

For one whole year she had stopped drawing. What motivated her back were the reminder of her friend’s quote and her passion for art.  

“If you’re really passionate about it and willing to try it, push yourself to do it,” Olmedo said. “Draw if it makes you happy, and it doesn’t matter what others think.”

After taking a break from art for a year because of the lack of support, Olmedo eventually went back to it because she loved how free she felt when she finally went back to drawing.

The friend who inspired Olmedo and her love of art will give the purpose for her to continue art using her own quirky style. She will be able to feel proud to show everyone what she created with pencil and paper.

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