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Nguyen converses through dance

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Dance initially started off as an interest for senior Vivian Nguyen but soon developed into a passion. She strives to polish and improve her dance skills, mainly in style and variety.

Originally, Nguyen did not desire to teach herself the techniques and styles of dance. It was her fondness for Korean pop (K-pop) music that led her to consider giving dance a try.

“Just watching all the [K-pop] performers dance and sing got me really interested in that,” Nguyen said. “I would just start dancing by myself in my sophomore year. By junior year, I actually started going out into the dance community, taking classes, meeting new people, and just improving from then on.”

Nguyen’s deep affection towards dancing stems from being able to express emotions and being able to share the experience with fellow dancers.

“Connecting with everyone as a dancer is a lot of fun,” Nguyen said. “[The dance community] taught me a lot of concepts in dance that can be really helpful when applied to real life [such as the idea that] giving your all helps you grow. Wanting to do the same for others really pushes me to dance.”

Bringing her passion to school, Nguyen joined the recently established Co-Ed team, a dance performance group consisting of both males and females, and is the only member who is not involved with Choreo and All Male. She says the team’s focus is on an urban dance style, which mixes styles of dance influenced by funk and hip-hop music, is suitable for her. Being part of Co-Ed gave Nguyen the opportunity to dance for the first time in a collaboration with All-Male during the homecoming rally.

“With All-Male, it’s like you’re definitely going to be looked at as an individual,” Nguyen said. “People can pinpoint you, and that made me incredibly nervous to dance with them; but as I went on stage, everything just felt quiet, and then I did it and at the end, it just felt good.”

The impact dance has had on Nguyen’s life was unexpected. What served as a pastime  evolved to become a source of joy and a part of her identity. For now, she is aiming to improve her dance skills, meet new people, and learn new styles from being in Co-Ed.


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