Stephanie Hall – Assistant Principal of Counseling

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Q: What do you hope to achieve in your new role as an Assistant Principal of Counseling?

A: “Counseling is a big department; we’ve got counseling, attendance, [the] nurse’s office, and career counseling. We’re really here for the kids [and their] well-being. We want kids to be successful [and to] grow into amazing adults. There’s a whole socio-emotional aspect to teenagers. Especially during their high school years, and it’s our job to help guide them through that process in a healthy way, to make them feel good about themselves, and to help them be successful. As humans, we’re so intertwined, our social and emotional well-being, and our academic success, our sense of self, our futures that we create for ourselves, and so we play a really important rule in helping kids navigate these years.”

Q: If you were a food what would you be?

A: “I guess a salad, because there’s a lot of different parts of me. You can do so many things: add [things in], take things out, [make] new flavors, and to have a variety. That – and it’s healthy.”

Q: Invisibility or the power of flight?

A: “I guess practically speaking, I would [be] invisible, but the power of flight – I’ve had dreams where I could fly, and they were the [most awesome] dreams I’ve ever had where you have all this freedom. [Being] invisible – you can be in rooms and hear what people are saying, but do you really want that? Versus flying, you can fly to Europe. You don’t have to take an airplane. [You can] fly to the beach and be there in five minutes versus an hour in traffic.”

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