Jesse Toribio: Assistant Principal of Student and Employee Welfare

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Q: “What kind of relationship do you have with this school?”

A: “I wanted to come to this school for high school a long time ago, but my parents wanted me to go La Salle High School. I never had the opportunity to come here as a student, but [I am] super excited to come here as an assistant principal. This school was where I wanted to be back in middle school, so I’m here looking forward to meeting people and helping whenever I can.”

Q: “If you can swap lives with anyone who would it?”

A: “I’ve always admired my parents, but specifically I would choose my father. He is someone that I admire because he’s a hard worker, honest, has integrity, and those are the standards and virtues that I try to live by.”

Q: “What was your favorite subject in high school?”

A: “Math, because it was always challenging and I’m always up for [it]. I never back away from a challenge.”

Q: “Have you ever been scared of something?”

A: “I don’t like scary movies so I don’t watch them. To me, it doesn’t make sense to go pay for me to get scared.”

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