Contributions of veterinary medicine need to be appreciated

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It has become normal to assume that veterinarians only treat household pets, such as dogs and cats, whenever the topic pops up in a conversation. As a result, various individuals look down upon those in this line of work because they are often not taken seriously. Across practically all clubs and extracurriculars based on science and medicine, future veterinarians are not represented enough. They are usually overshadowed by the astounding reputation of doctors who specialize in the treatment of humans, like pediatricians, general practitioners or organ transplant surgeons, which many would see as essential to mankind. On the contrary, veterinary medicine is equally as significant as human medicine and deserves more credit for its contributions to our planet.

In the grand scheme of things, animals play a key role in the maintenance of our society and culture. Mainly animals serve as outlets of companionship, entertainment and service, as well as the stabilization of the ecosystems around the world. Without the employment of veterinarians, there would be no one to diagnose the diseases that are prevalent in our furry friends, no one to do research in regards to the relationship that animals have with the environment and no one to administer treatments for the sick animals. By assisting in the upkeep of animals on farms, poultry veterinarians also undoubtedly manage and continuously improve the safety of the food that we consume on a daily basis.

By performing tests and experiments that include animals, laboratory veterinarians, not only better our understanding of different animals, but also educate us on how they affect humans and the environment. New medicine and techniques are created to improve the general health of animals, which spreads awareness of new ideas and concepts. With this knowledge, the future generations can learn from our mistakes and make the

necessary changes to improve the welfare of all the inhabitants of Earth.

On the other hand, critics may suggest that being a veterinarian is only limited to cats and dogs. However, there is an assortment of other branches within veterinary medicine that do not get the same recognition as the traditional medical fields. In fact, the animal science field and the human science field are similar in a multitude of ways and intertwine quite regularly. People of all ages should appreciate veterinarians and what they do for our planet.

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