Photo by Katherine Huang

Asistant Band Director Pedro Contreras

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Q: What did you do before coming here?

A: “Before coming to SG, I went to PCC [Pasadena City College] for about four years and played in the marching band there. In my part time, I would work at a sandwich shop called Jimmy John’s. Recently in the past year, I worked at Temple Intermediate for Citrus [College] to go finish up my GEs [general education classes].”

Q: As an alumnus, how do you feel about coming back?

A: “I honestly does not feel any different with the new identity than when [I came] back as just an alumnus. I still feel a mutual respect by the kids as I did in past years, when I came to help out at the band camp every summer.”

Q: If you could visit anywhere, where would you go and why?

A: “If I could visit anywhere, I would like to go visit Italy. Only because I did take two semesters of Italian at PCC, and seeing some sceneries online and through media, it really does seem like an awesome place to visit.”

Q: What would your super power be if you could have one?

A: “I would have super speed just because The Flash is one of my favorite super heroes. If I could change the past by going fast, that would be awesome.”

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