Cooking up a storm at Scala Stonegrill

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Scala Stonegrill, a new fusion restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood, has attracted many people who want to see what the craze is all about.

When I first heard of Scala Stonegrill from my friends, I thought it would be like any other restaurant out there where you get to grill your own food. What intrigued me into going were the 400 degree miniature stone slabs that are heated by their own grills, allowing customers to have their food remain hot for about 40 minutes. Using this unique cooking method, this gives the customers a chance to eat meals containing no unnecessary oils or fats.

Even so, my expectations were high since numerous reviews on social media applauded the restaurant’s great customer service and cozy interior. Upon entering with my friend, we were quickly seated after a short wait, and the employees’ warm attitudes soon made our visit memorable.

We looked at the menu for quite some time since there were so many options to pick from. They provided diverse courses such as Thai curry beef, Danish-style baby pork ribs, soups, tapas (little savory Spanish dishes), stone-grilled dishes, and salads.

Although the steak and seafood were highly recommended, we ended up ordering the ginger chicken ($16) and Thai seafood pasta ($13). They offered us sides of fresh vegetables, like shredded corn topped with melted cheese that I found very delectable.

Since my friend and I had absolutely no skills in grilling, we were terrified of accidentally setting the place on fire. Although we almost ingested raw chicken after many attempts at grilling, we were able to successfully cook the remaining pieces of meat without harming ourselves. The chicken looked delicious, and I was delighted to taste a bold, savory flavor from it.

The Thai seafood pasta topped with calamari and shrimp easily became my favorite from the two dishes we ordered, as it had both the taste of sweet and tangy, which I enjoyed very much. Judging from the appearance, the simple yet noticeable features of the two dishes made my dining experience even more enjoyable.

The total bill was a bit expensive—approximately $31—but reasonably priced as we were given great-tasting dishes, high quality USDA Choice meat, and amazing service. I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys self-cooking and having a wide range of foods to choose from.

Scala Stonegrill opened its doors recently this year on Aug. 18. It is located at 1411 S. Garfield Ave., Alhambra, CA 91801.

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