Prom review: winners dancing the night away

For many high school students, prom is a once in a lifetime event. With the excitement of getting the perfect dress or fancy tux, they spend the best night ever with amazing people. On April 20, the day that many students were anticipating for had finally arrived.

Many students perspectives of that night followed up and thoughts that were mostly very similar to each other.

“I was kind of bummed out that prom was just three hours and the food sucked,” senior Miriam Santamaria said. “Overall I had a great time with my date and the people I was surrounded with.”

Although the one hour wait line might had delayed the event’s start, many students were not get bothered and thought everything was well prepared.

“It was fun, I danced and the food was good, and I cannot believe it was in Hollywood,” senior Bryan Alvarez said. “The timing was fine; everything was planned well. In my opinion, I enjoyed it.”

A very important element of a perfect prom night is the food. There was a high expectation to enjoy a variety of food options, usually in a form of a buffet. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“I didn’t get to eat anything because I arrived an hour late,” senior Alice Ly said. “I spent 115 dollars to take pictures and get blisters. Although [that] happened, I still had fun with my friends.”

Despite other opinions, the food was still amazing coming from others’ experience. Some expectations were probably very high; the macaroni and cheese, chicken on the side, with some fries and salad, lemonade,sport drinks, other soft beverages, and desserts made a satisfying meal. 

Time flew by while enjoying the dance together, whether it was with a group of friends or a partner. When the night was over, all that was left were the memories.




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