APR ends off school year

Students of all classes filled the auditorium with excitement and anticipation for this year’s Pixar-themed academic pep rally (APR) on May 4.

The pep rally showcased the spirit and pride of each class. Hundreds of students, wearing the colors that represented their grade, waved thunder sticks and flags high in the air, cheering for their class. This year, each class had their own theme to a Pixar movie: Finding Nemo for freshmen, Cars for sophomores, Monster Inc. for juniors, and The Incredibles for seniors. Class councils from each grade level performed a skit and dance routine to rally excitement from their classes.

“It’s more hyped up because everyone’s having fun, especially with everyone supporting their class and [proving] their class [was] the best,” Peter Huynh, Freshman Class Council member, said.  “It really showed how much people supported their class councils and how much they’ve done for each year, especially the seniors.”

Besides dance and musical performances, APR took a more “academic” approach compared to previous years. Students who placed in competitions or clubs were recognized, as well as the top students of each class for highest GPA.

“[They put] my name in the corner of the wall, and I like that they gave us special seats in the corner,” sophomore Kevin Lam said. “I feel accomplished. Now I can go around saying that I’m top [class].”

Freshman Brandon Tran was presented with the first Carson Scholar Award at SGHS for performing well academically and in the community. The Renaissance award for exhibiting active participation in extracurricular activities and the community was presented to seniors Carlos Carrillo and Patricia Lipana. The Academic Scholar Award was presented to Carrillo and senior Nicole Nguyen for success both in the classroom and in their sports, and the Phoenix Award was presented to seniors Jack Lin and Abigail Garcia for overcoming personal and academic obstacles.

“[My favorite part was] cheering for the seniors and listening to the Phoenix Award,” senior Courtney Tong said. “It’s so moving to see how someone can hit rock bottom and make their way to the top. It’s inspiring.”

As the last pep rally of the year, the APR helped students get excited before exams and finals.

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