Co-ed Swim sails swiftly through prelims, finals

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With seven schools—Alhambra (AHS), Bell Garden (BGHS), Gabrielino (GHS), Mark Keppel (MKHS), Montebello (MHS), San Gabriel (SGHS), and Schurr (SHS)—annual Division 3 swim team prelims and finals was held at SHS. There are four styles of strokes that each individual swimmer can do: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. With 11 event categories, each school can enter four swimmers in one event for prelims. Individual swimmers can swim in two individual races and two relay events, which consist of four swimmers—either all swimming the freestyle stroke or a medley of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. They have prelims to determine who qualifies to swim in finals because there are many eligible swimmers. Prelims had heats of eight swimmers to determine who makes it to finals. There are two heats in finals, heat one is from seventh to twelfth place consolation heat and heat two is first to sixth place for the championship finals.

Even though SGHS did not win the championship, they are proud of each and individual swimmers that broke their own personal records. During the championship finals, all that could be heard was MKHS and GHS screaming for their team to get first place.

It is also a tradition that the swimmers would get their body drawn on. Every year the swim team would help each other draw on ourselves, from encouraging words to wings for our butterfly swimmers or just really pretty flowers. Of course everything is appropriate. You will also notice that every swimmer will write what events, heat, and lane number there are in on their arms.

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