Art Gallery brings spring colors in biannual event

Art Club hosted the Spring Gallery on April 5 and 6. It was the second gallery of the school year and included a competition that allowed attendees to vote on three of their favorite pieces. First place went to sophomore Jenny Lee with “Vulnerability.” Second place was a tie between senior Dustin Ta’s “Waves” and sophomore Valeria Ramirez’ “Untitled.” A tie for third place went to “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” by junior Angela Lu and “Untitled” by senior Tiffany Thai.

The gallery was organized by art club students with occasional help from adviser Karen Keller.

“I guide them in terms of supplies and techniques but they do most of the work,” Keller said.

Though the exhibition was relatively small compared to others, the organizers managed to get pieces from a variety of students across the campus.

“We have a really talented student body and not all of them attend art club,” Keller said. “Some of the works were just from the general student body, some were by art club students, and then others that had some similarities [to each other] were projects from art classes.”

Among the various pieces displayed were works by alumnus and former art club member Serena Tieu, who is currently studying Design at University of California, Davis.

“I knew that previous alumni had submitted work,” Tieu said. “I wanted to promote my name as an artist and designer. Additionally, I wanted to leave a mark at SGHS.”

The works Tieu submitted were all assignments from her freshman year design classes. Keller displayed them in part hoping that students would admire what she has created in design school.

“It gives students who are looking into an art program an idea of the type of work they would be doing,” Keller said. “Her works were projects that you would see from beginning level classes in college.”

The spring art gallery was the last one of the school year; it was hosted in the auditorium foyer during lunch and after school.

To see photos of the works that were on display and the competition winners, visit <<>>.

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