Johnson becomes one with nature

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Johnson demonstrates a cat pose (Marjaryasana).

For the past decade, biology teacher Robert Johnson has enjoyed spending his afternoons with his son, now 23, and friends.

His outdoor enthusiasm has lead him on hikes around the San Gabriel Mountains, Verdugo Mountains, and Mount Baldy, creating a special bond between him and nature.

“I like to have my door open and be in contact with nature,” Johnson said. “I go up to Central Coast [of] California and take pictures.”

Johnson was interested in photography, so he taught himself the medium. Besides taking pictures and hiking, he also spends his time reading biographies and spiritual materials and meditating. Meditation has helped him nurture his soul and became a part of his prayer regime.

“I used to have a lot of stress, but through meditation and prayer, I’ve managed my stress pretty well,” Johnson, who also practices yoga, said.

On his work days, Johnson enjoys lunch with teachers from the E-building.

“I usually have lunch with a couple of teachers. I have had [lunch with them] for 10 years: [English teacher Scott] Myers, [physical education teacher Jon] Keller, and [physics teacher Alan] Tran, [chemistry teacher Ryan] Wong, and now, [chemistry teacher Kenneth] Ma has joined us too,” Johnson said.

After work, he hits the gym and then cooks dinner with his son.

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