Illustration by Angela Lu

Students need more emphasis on environmental care

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Illustration by Angela Lu

Environmental degradation is becoming more of an issue to the world as the years go by. Some individuals see the danger and do their best to recycle, properly throw away trash and, all in all, make the world a cleaner place. However, in most cases, others choose to ignore the matter at hand and continue bad habits of harming the environment. Here, campus is like any other high school: gum under the tables, filthy restrooms, litter, and unrecycled cans and bottles. Knowing this, it becomes pretty clear to us that there should be a greater emphasis on caring for the environment.

Generally speaking, without proper care of the environment, plastics and litter are left unchecked, flying aimlessly into the sky with no bounds. When this happens, trash bits gather and landfills end up in oceans, plaguing the aquatic wildlife which consume the plastic and litter. This then affects our seafood which, contaminated by plastics, ends up in our digestive system. Through unchecked plastics and litter we poison our foods without even giving it much thought. Schools all around the world should be actively encouraging environmental awareness by making an effort to avoid problems like this. By reducing the amount waste that fills our area, we help make our schools look a lot nicer and take a step toward keeping our Earth clean.

To greater emphasize these concerns, students should be more exposed to the effects of environmental degradation. One reason why some students don’t show care for the environment is because they don’t know how devastating the effects are. Although environmental science classes are present at campus, not everyone takes this course, so they aren’t fully exposed to the dangers.

Students may find that making an attempt to take care of the environment is “too much of a hassle,” but in fact that small five minute walk to the recycling bin can prevent disaster. When people finish eating their food and are left with a plastic wrapper or container they think to themselves, “It’s just a small bit.” Some people are lazy, but most simply just do not have any consideration for trying to help the environment. If those small amounts of students put in the effort to make change, then we could make a step toward a cleaner, better future.

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