The comeback

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By: Clara Quach and Ada Zhao

On San Gabriel High School’s (SGHS) second to last league game, they faced one of their greatest opponents: Schurr High School (SHS). On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Matadors and Spartans filled up the arena for a stomach turning game.

Although SGHS scored a three pointer to start the game, SHS quickly caught with a few layups, leaving the Spartans in the lead. Within the first two quarters, Spartans were able to stay ahead of SGHS, but SGHS was not far behind.

Now comes the third quarter. The Matadors come back after half time, pumped and determined to win; the crowd was roaring and the atmosphere intensifies. Thanks to the Spartan’s miscommunication, they turnover, giving the Matadors the ball. With quick plays by the Matadors, senior Miguel Quintana is quick to make a layup after inbounding, leaving the crowd screaming in “woo-hoos.” During the duration of the last 25 seconds of the third quarter, sophomore Isaiah Pullian shoves and leaps for the rebound. Junior Zetao Xie, already knowing his role in the team, runs to the Matador’s basket as Pullian throws the ball directly in front of Xie. Even with two Spartans guarding him, Xie finishes the play by making a layup. The crowd goes “YEAH!!!,” and there was nothing but a standing ovation.
With the Mators down by 2 in the end of the third quarter, the game changes to favor the Matadors. Four minutes and 30 seconds into the fourth quarter, Junior Jason Hong fights for the rebound, wins, and passes the ball to Quintana. The Matadors are now reaching their comeback. After several passes and trying to juke the Spartans to have a clear opening, the Matadors eventually succeed, and senior Andrew Canizal drives to the basket, and makes a layup. Quintana makes a 2-pointer, which brings the Matadors up to 45-42, and gives the Matadors a decent safe lead. After this shot, the Matadors were able to sustain their lead against the Spartans.

There was about 25 seconds left of the game. The Spartans were anxious to catch up, so they constantly pulled on the jerseys and hugged the Matadors in order to get a 7 fouls. With 7 fouls, Xie was given two free throws shots. He makes the first one, but misses the second, which is what the Spartans were hoping for. The Spartans got the rebound, and makes it. He was fouled by a Matador, and received a free throw, which he made. The score is now 48-47.

In the end it was too late for the Spartans to catch up. San Gabriel High school ends the game with the ball in their hands, and one point ahead. The buzzer rings, and the San Gabriel crowd goes wild.

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