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Photo by Ahyoung Nguyen

Before their relationship became official, sophomores Maddie Chi* and Caleb Gomez* were just good friends who looked out for each other. It all started when they first met during their Physical Education class last year. After that, their relationship kicked off and Chi and Gomez officially began dating about three months ago.

Chi explained that before they decided to start dating, they watched movies together online and spent some quality time with each other as friends. This continued until one night, Gomez said seriously: “We need to talk.” After recognizing the tense atmosphere, Chi felt concerned because she did not know what was going through his mind.

Gomez then asked, “[Do] you want to be more than friends?” Chi, on the other hand, was surprised at the sudden confession. What she did not know was that Gomez was feeling nervous about her response as well. Eventually, she replied “Yes.” Soon enough, their first date was going to the movies at the Santa Anita mall.  

Chi said what she likes most is Gomez’s personality and what he is like when they are both alone.

“I like how he is caring,” Chi said. “If I am sad, he will bother me about it until I tell him.”

Similarly, Gomez appreciates Chi’s warm-hearted personality.

“I love how she is always there for me and never leaves,” Gomez said.

Chi said that whenever they see each other, they give each other compliments, in which they both either agree or disagree about their comments about each other.

“Basically, it’s like every day,” Chi said. “When he is going out, I am like, ‘Wow, my man looks hot.’ When I go out somewhere, he [would] be like, ‘My girl looks so fine.’”  

While Chi is Chinese and Gomez is Filipino-Mexican–which may be surprising to some– that is not how the couple feels about their differences in ethnicity.

“[Our] race is where we come from, so it doesn’t define where we’re going,” Gomez said.

In the end, Chi and Gomez are both happy with each other and block away from the negative comments from the other people.

“It doesn’t matter about race,” Chi said. “As long you’re happy then that’s all matters.”

*Names changed upon request

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