A play to remember

Endless scripts, countless emotions to master, and an entire audience to amaze. His resonating voice slices through the silence of the theater. The character is brought to life through his every gesture and facial expression. Junior Brian Nguyen has worked his way up to this moment of limelight in the school play.

Starting with an interest in the movie, Donnie Darko, seventh grade Nguyen’s infatuation with the film industry continued to grow and foster his desire to be part of it. He pursued these endeavors and took up drama in his freshman year.

“I think it’s just such a cool idea to be a part of something like being on screen and presenting this story to people and bringing out laughter and emotion,” Nguyen said. “Every time I’m on stage, there’s this intense rush that you get from just being in front of everybody. It’s a really thrilling thing.”

Nguyen’s interest in acting furthered when he was cast a role in the school’s most recent play, “Almost Maine.” The experience of memorizing the lines and performing in front of a crowd  “really put the career on the map for [him].” Though, understanding the financial disadvantages an entertainment industry career may have, Nguyen plans to continue acting as a hobby rather than a professional career.

“I’m pursuing something in the medical field because I’m pretty aware that it will be extremely unlikely that I’ll make it big or be able to support myself financially right off the bat,” Nguyen said. “Acting is a pretty unstable career, so I’d like to anchor myself financially before diving in.”

Despite the obstacles and uncertainties, it is certain that Nguyen will continue to follow up on this passion of his.

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