‘I like to move, it move it’

Junior Carmen Liang was only in pre-school when she was first introduced into the world of dance through ballet classes. At that time, she was only three-years old and had not found her commitment towards dance, which caused her to quit ballet. However, in seventh grade, Liang found herself interested in dancing again.

A friend of Liang introduced her to a dance center, Jay Vee, which she later decided to give it a shot. Liang gave Jay Vee a dance because she wanted to spend time with her friend. During the summer of her eighth grade year, Liang auditioned for Jay Vee’s hip hop dance team, Junior Hit List, and made it in. However, due to the expenses that were required for competing and purchasing gear, she was unable to join.

Despite that setback, Liang was able to attend the Matador Showcase and discovered San Gabriel’s Choreo team.

“I saw Choreo perform and that was like my calling; it doesn’t cost a lot of money and it works for my parents’ work schedule, and I just wanted to dance,” Liang said.

Since Liang has had past experience with dancing, she was not nervous when it came to Choreo tryouts.

“I just hoped they would accept me,” Liang said. “They said to just smile and do your best, and that’s what I did.”

Liang has been part of Choreo for three years now, allowing her to develop leadership skills, confidence, and friendships that will last a long time.

“In my team, I feel like everyone has a spot of leadership to help each other out and to take charge,” Liang said. “I’m a third year, so I have to help out a little with the new members”

Dancing has helped Liang become the person she is now, and has improving her confidence.

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