Granados displays generous actions towards teachers

Senior Scarlett Granados likes to use her free period in the morning to help out her teachers. Scarlett explained that she used to have the first period, but she decided to drop it since she thought the class was too easy for her. When she noticed that math teacher Amanda Blackwood needed some help, she decided to drop in and offer her support.

“I have Ms. Blackwood [for] my fourth period, and I noticed there were a lot of things on her desk and students were leaving trash in her class,” Scarlett said. “I know her personally as I’ve had her [class for] three years. When I saw the opportunity to go help, I was like ‘Maybe I will come in the morning.’ I am already here anyway since I take the bus around 6:50.”   

Scarlett explained that she also has personal reasons as to why she would help out her math teacher.

“You will see me going through her desk and organizing her stuff,” Scarlett said. “She is someone important to me. She is really nice, has helped me out, and also gave me chances to raise my grade. So, basically, it’s like paying her back.”

Knowing that Scarlett likes to give a helping hand, choir teacher Cecilia Revilla has grown fond of spending time with her.

“I’m happy [that] she has been in my class [for] all four years; she is always in choir and always super helpful,” Revilla said. “She is really wonderful and I hate to see her go next year.”

Her sister, sophomore Esmeralda Granados, is also impressed by Scarlett’s willingness to help others.

“She’s honestly a great person,” Esmeralda said. “She uses her time to help people. Instead of sleeping in, she likes to take her time to wake up an hour early and goes to Ms. Blackwood. I think that is generous of her.”

Scarlett encourages other students, especially freshman, to help teachers since the school does not have many teacher assistants.

“A little help won’t hurt them and it builds a [small bond],” Scarlett said.  “I have gone to Ms. Blackwood for personal stuff too. She’s really awesome and her personality alone is so upbringing. It’s kind [of] cool when you have an adult you can always go to. You can build the trust by helping them.”


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