Taiyaki swims from LA to Arcadia

Somi Somi was created by “two dessert enthusiasts” who want to “provide [a] unique ice cream experience by adding a creative twist to the traditional goldfish-shaped waffle cone.” Known for their crafted Taiyaki (a fish shaped waffle) soft serve, Somi Somi serves ice cream (in milk, matcha, ube, or black sesame flavors) inside of a Taiyaki shell with a filling (custard, red bean, or nutella). The ice cream is topped off with an elaborate mix of toppings (macarons, sprinkles, and more). Somi Somi offers this ice cream in both a Taiyaki ($5.95) and in a cup ($3.75).

Instead of driving to Los Angeles, 626 residents who want to try Somi Somi now have a closer destination to save themselves some gas: Westfield Santa Anita Mall. As it gained popularity in early 2017, Somi Somi built another shop inside the mall in November 2017 (on the first floor, near Nordstrom).

The soft serve matcha-milk swirl ice cream topped with sprinkles and a macaron was delicious. The ice cream melted into my mouth just perfectly. The macaron was crunchy and a great topping for the ice cream. Although the sprinkles looked pleasing for pictures, they were too hard and chewing it ruined the ice cream a tad. As I finished the matcha-milk swirl with my pink spoon, I made my way down to the Taiyaki. It tasted alright. It was not exactly my cup of tea, and the nutella filling was too overwhelmingly sweet for my liking.

When eating the last three inches of my waffle, the ice cream dripped onto my shirt. But, to be fair, it was quite hot outside. Although the ice cream did drip onto my shirt, Somi Somi’s ice cream was appetizing and I would definitely go there again, despite the mess it made.

Overall, Somi Somi sells scrumptious soft-serve ice cream in a unique (and edible) container, and it is worth the money and the hype.

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