Pet Store, Breeders, or Adoption?

You can find cuter dogs at a dog store, but what matters more, the cuteness of a puppy or how they are treated?

Most dogs from pet stores are from puppy mills. You can watch a video on these online, but I bet you cannot get through the entire video without exiting or pausing. Here is the jist of puppy mills: they force cute dogs to breed, whether they are brother and sister or strangers, so that they produce cute dogs to sell to pet stores, and when they get too old to breed, they are killed. The incestual breeding traumatizes the dogs that they become mentally ill or contain a disease, but you will not be able to tell. Not to mention, they spend their days in a cage, unable to roam around freely like what is best for dogs to do. Dogs from pet stores that originated from puppy mills are injected with several shots to make them seem perfectly healthy, but they really aren’t. Puppy mills workers and their associates do not care about the dogs’ health as much as they do about the money they earn from selling them.

If you purchase a dog from a pet store it is more than likely they will recommend you to a veterinarian, a vet they have a partnership with. That vet may not be completely honest about the dog’s health so that they can continue their partnership with that pet store.

However, if you really want an adorable puppy and you cannot find one in humane societies (an adoption center for dogs and cats and even chickens in some humane societies), ask questions to ask about the background of where the puppy came from. If they come from breeders, then that is okay because they treat their dogs better than puppy mills and their dogs are not infected with diseases. Responsible breeders take care of their dogs and make sure they are healthy, then have the dogs mate to reproduce more puppies to sell. But, there is also an irresponsible breeder. Some backyard breeders are irresponsible and are better than puppy mills, but not better by too much.

If you are looking for a breeder, here are some signs that they are irresponsible and should not be trusted: if they do not allow you to visit the dog’s environment, if they let you take a puppy when it is not over eight months old, if they always have puppy available (I will explain this momentarily), if they do not require a contract, if they do not have a neuter/ spay contract, if they have a license and so on.

Here is the difference between an irresponsible and responsible breeder: Responsible breeders will have a waiting list on how many dogs are available to make sure there is not an overflowing number of dogs. An irresponsible breeder always has puppies for sale meaning they are breeding as many as they want, regarding how it may be harmful to have so many dogs and not enough people to take care of them.

Although breeders seem interesting, the price for their dogs is in the thousands. Whereas, in an adoption center you pay approximately $150 for the dog, with it being neutered AND having all its shots. Plus, you will be helping a dog that has been rescued.

Dogs from adoption centers are all rescued dogs. Whether their background is abused, unwanted, or stray, adoption centers take in dogs, care for them, and look for caring and loving people to adopt their dogs (or cats).

At the end of the day you will be the one with the puppy. So what matters more to you, the cuteness of a dog regardless of its background, a cute dog that will take you forever to save up for, or rescuing a dog AND still have money in your bank account?

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