Miniso brings Japanese lifestyle to Arcadia, Temple City

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Miniso, a popular Japanese designer brand, has found its way into the heart of 626. First located at Pasadena, Miniso has opened two more stores in Arcadia and Temple City.. The grand opening in Arcadia was inside the Santa Anita Mall on Nov. 18 and Temple City’s was on Nov. 25 at 1 p.m. There was an amazing Taiko Drum performance with LA Taiko Ichiza, free photo booth station, DJ performance, and free goodie bags for the first 150 customers.

During the Arcadia branch’s grand opening, many people were ecstatic waiting in line. When Miniso opened their doors, LA Taiko Ichiza welcome us with a hearty performance. There was a mini photoshoot on the side of the wall; a green grassy background and a table of various decoration for people to pose with.

As people rushed through the doors, what intrigued me the most was that the entire back wall was mounted by an enormous selection of plushies. As I made my way down the aisles, I noticed a huge variety of items from facial products to electronic devices. There was an enormous selection of makeup and facial care in the front: lip products, blushes, eyeshadows, mascara, eyebrow products, makeup brushes, nail polish, floral toners, beauty tools, soap, and sheet masks among other things. The walls were mounted with many accessories including scarves, hats, and bags for specific occasions. On the side, they have electronic products such as USB adapters, stereos, headphones, earphones, lamps, phone cases, chargers, among others. They also sold many home essentials like water bottles, mugs, pillows, and season goods. Like many Japanese stores, they sell Japanese snacks including Pocky and Calpico. Dedicating a section to stationary goods, Miniso provides a range from assorted colors and designs for notebooks, pens, and other materials. They sell similar items to Daiso, though the price range is anywhere from $1 to $30 with a higher quality.

I made my purchase of a Kumamon plush. Afterwards, I showed my receipt to the worker by the entrance and received a goodie bag. The goodie bag consisted of one water bottle with a pale pink to teal gradient tint, one bottle of Calpico soda, shrimp chips, strawberry Pocky, matcha-flavored Hello Panda, and several Hi-chews. Miniso will be expanding its brand to Alhambra on Main Street in 2018.

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