Adjusted finals schedule creates mixed feelings among students

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As the semester draws to a close, students are preparing for the upcoming final exams that will take place from Dec. 15 to Dec. 19. Compared to final exam schedules from the past two years, the schedule has been adjusted to accommodate the district calendar.

“Closed week will [instead] begin on [Dec. 8], so there still are five days of closed week, and finals will begin [the Friday after],” Matthew Dultz, Assistant Principal of Business and Activities, said. “[The] minimum day [and the day after will be used] to finish things up so teachers can [finalize student grades].”

Some have also noticed that Pupil Free Day will take place on a Thursday this year instead of Friday, which Dultz explained is a result of the new teacher contract that was recently signed.

“Part of that contract includes three professional development days that are throughout the year, so those days [become Pupil Free Day for students],” Dultz said.

Students that have previously experienced finals had mixed opinions about what they thought about the new schedule.

“It could’ve been better on Monday to try and get it over with instead of [starting on Friday, than having to wait two more days],” junior Manuel Sanchez said. “But [I guess] it’s alright, we’ll just have to prepare ourselves to [do better].”

Senior Leslie Ngo, on the other hand, does not like the sudden break because of the possibility of finals becoming harder on days after the weekend.

“Everyone has different [classes],” Ngo said. “Maybe someone has an easy [class], someone might have a hard [class], and those that have those [hard classes on Friday] are like, ‘I wish I had more time to study,’ and it kind of makes it unfair.”

Regardless, finals are scheduled to continue with the usual set amount of days given for closed and finals week.

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