Funky finals schedule

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This semester’s final schedule is quite awkward considering the fact that two out of six classes will have their finals held on a Friday. Some students may get more time to study for a class whereas other students that have the same class for their first or fourth class would have to take in on the Friday, which means they would not be able to get the weekend to study for those two classes that occur on the Friday. 7 out of 10 students that were ask how they felt about the finals schedule starting on a Friday stated that it was quite peculiar and unordinary. Those students also stated how the schedule meant that in may be unfair for some students for certain classes since some will have the weekend to study whereas other students that have those classes for their first and fourth class will not have the weekend to study. This finals schedule is not the most efficient way of giving a fair amount of time for students to study for the finals tests. This semester’s finals schedule is giving an unfair amount of weekend time to students for studying. Some students might have their hardest finals classes on Friday and could use the weekend to study and pass their finals but due to the schedule those students will not be able to get that time.

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