Halloween maze scares up an amazing time

Being a student at San Gabriel for so long, I was not unfamiliar with the various events that were held at our school. The drama and tech theater classes hold the annual Halloween maze as well as fall play around October. Since freshman year, the idea of a Halloween maze had intrigued me. This year I decided to go through with the experience and buy tickets for the maze. Luckily, the date was extended and the price for the tickets went from $9.00 to $6.00 without asb so I was even more inclined to go.

Waiting in line on the last day was not all that bad. It was pretty short since it was the last day, and not many people went. The reception outside was selling the tickets to the maze and I purchased one. The auditorium where the maze was being held was pitch black. We were not allowed to have any lights, phones or weapons, etc. We left our backpacks and belongings to the side of the hallway.

The maze was about a full five minutes of pitch black with very little to no light and many rattling sounds. It was very narrow with dead ends as well as twists and turns up and down flights of stairs. A few time due to the narrowness of the maze, I bumped into props or the wall. Many of the drama kids had on props such as masks and costumes to scare their victims.

A few times down the road the sudden jumps and rattles were startling. Seeing how well done the props and the sounds were, I would say that the maze was very scary. There was a sense of adrenaline and relief similar to a roller coaster after getting out of the maze. It was well worth it and with how well it went this year, I would definitely be back for more next year.


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