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Has anyone been noticing that lately every game critic has been relating any moderately difficult game to Dark Souls? Seriously, these comparisons are getting so old and tired. Just because a game presents a little hint of difficulty or challenge does not mean it’s the Dark Souls of (insert game genre). Dark Souls is an action game with difficult AI of enemies and requires plenty of attention to yourself and any dangers around you. Yes it’s difficult and sometimes brutal, but it isn’t the hardest thing in the world. Also, this is an action game, not a platformer or any other game that has difficulty, so stop relating it Crash Bandicoot or Cuphead, because they aren’t related… at all! You don’t see Super Meat Boy, a reasonably easier comparison in terms of challenge, gaining the title of Dark Souls level. Because no game is dark souls level. They are their own level of difficulty, and relating it to games that have nothing in common but the skill level is doing nothing but hurting your reputation of a gaming critic if you can’t find any other game to relate it too. Seriously, critics related Crash to Binding of Isaac and meant it. Just find something else to relate the game to and make sure it actually has relation.

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