Halloween allows for tricks, treats

When you think of Halloween, you may think of trick-or-treating for candy at night. However, the debate of age is something that has been touched upon many times: how old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

Halloween consists of costumes, celebrating the dead, lighting the jack-o-lanterns and watching horror movies. Nearly every child goes trick-or-treating in costume for various reasons, such as for candy, or for checking out the decorations on the houses, or just for bonding with family or friends. There should not be an age limit to whether or not someone able to trick-or-treat.

Many people stop trick-or-treating around their teenage years, others continue to do it. With the phrase “age is just a number,” it is valid to see where those who continue to trick-or-treat come from.

It all depends on the sheer excitement a person gets when Halloween rolls around. Because of the First Amendment, everyone is given freedom to express themselves, and so trick-or-treating should be the same. Anyone should be allowed to trick-or-treat to their heart’s content, within reason and regulations. As long as the person is not being a danger or threat to anyone else or the environment.

There is also the side of possible danger to trick-or-treaters every year. There is the possibility of crimes happening on or around Halloween. Due to the fact that Halloween is the one time anyone can dress up as anything and walk down a street without question or inspections from higher authority or the public, it is very suspicious and risky to the children who gotrick-or-treating for fun and sweetness.

Though there is plausible danger, Halloween is just for laughs and smiles. There is a city in Canada that is working on banning 16-year-old and older from trick-or-treating. There is no actual ban known or in the process in the US as of right now. It is not necessary to have restrictions around this one holiday because it would lead to a chain of unnecessary usage of policies on holiday-related events.

Halloween is a celebration after all, just like Thanksgiving and Christmas. To be frank, Halloween is the one time that anyone can be anything they want to be and they should be allowed to trick-or-treat as that.


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