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Sidebar Grill takes Main St. by storm

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Every so often, I would see pictures of these delicious-looking meals roam around on Snapchat. The food looked incredibly appetizing so I decided to take it upon myself to research and give it a try.

Sidebar Grill, located on 433 W. Main St., is a great place for both adults and children of all ages. It opened in March 2017 but recently had its grand opening in August 2017 and has drawn the attention of high school teenagers. I decided to pay them a visit with two friends.

Upon entering, I noticed and was very surprised that there weren’t very many customers with the exception of two adults at the bar. We were kindly greeted and seated by the owner. She and her employees were friendly and extremely helpful. The bar offers signature handcrafted burgers, salads, fries, tacos, and burritos to those who are underaged, all of which are priced no more than $9.50, excluding tax.

I ordered a California burrito, and my friends got shrimp and fish tacos with an order of carne asada fries for the table. The tacos and burritos came in pairs and were quite filling. The California burrito consisted of carne asada, french fries, jack cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo with baja sauce on the side. It had a nice consistency with a little crunch from the fries.The baja sauce was a wonderful addition as well. We got water, which was free, and tea, priced at $2.25, to go with our food. The total for the burritos, fries, and tacos came out to about $29 for three people, which is a fair price for a full lunch meal.

I would definitely recommend people to give this place a try. It offers delicious Americanized Mexican food to fill you at an affordable price. In addition, the staff is wonderful and extremely kind and helpful. I enjoyed my visit and would come back soon.

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