Athlete of the Month: Cross Country, Kevin Tang

As a third year cross country runner, senior Kevin Tang has discovered his passion for running ever since he first joined the team.

“I wanted to live a healthier life by exercising everyday,” Tang said. “I specifically picked cross because it didn’t require as many skills as other sports, so I was confident that I could succeed in it.”

Like most cases when it comes to deciding on joining a sport, students tend to get the encouragement from either older siblings who’ve enjoyed the experiences of being part of a sport, or from current team members. Tang’s motivation came from a friend, senior William Tsai, who encouraged him to join and help out.

Inspired by Tsai, Tang considers progress to be the best part of being a runner. “I like seeing when I improve,” Tang said. “It shows that the hard work pays off.”

With an annual CIF competition, cross country takes part in a vigorous month of training. Although it is physically exhausting, CIF is an exciting event for the team to prepare for, and is often one of the most memorable moments within the year for athletes.

“The highlight was the varsity boys team qualifying for CIF last year and I got the chance to participate in it,” Tang said. Tang’s goals for the season are to contribute in helping varsity prepare for CIF.

“Also, there are no tryouts so if you want to join you can, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re good at running or not because you still get to participate just as much as everyone else.”

Though Tang highly encourages fellow peers to join cross country in order to meet new people and experience being a part of a welcoming family, he plans on shifting his focus solely on his education once entering college.






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