New Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast provides convenience for students at San Gabriel High School

Running towards class on an empty stomach before getting marked tardy by teachers is a struggle for some students at San Gabriel High School (SGHS). Starting at the end of November, SGHS will be introducing a new breakfast program: the Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast.

The Grab ‘N’ Go Breakfast is a program created by the Alhambra Unified School District’s (AUSD) food service directors to provide a more convenient process of getting breakfast at SGHS. Director of Food and Nutrition Services William Fong said the program “is basically [the cafeteria staff members] bringing breakfast to students at the school’s entrance so they won’t have to go to the cafeteria.”

According to Fong, the Grab ‘N’ Go program will consist of prepackaged breakfast in paper bags, boxes or trays served at the bus entrance and front gate. Students are able to pick up their breakfast at a more accessible process to avoid tardiness, malnourishment and school suspensions.

Jasmine Flores, a freshman band trombonist at SGHS, has been occasionally getting breakfast at the cafeteria before her zero period band class starts.

“I’m very split about this new program.” Flores said. “A majority of students don’t eat a filling breakfast and it breaks into their attitude and concentration during school hours. However, with this program, it can prevent students’ self awareness in making their own choices and decisions. I think it’s a great way to fix the problem of the number of tardies and malnourished students.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 10,  Alhambra High School (AHS) was the first AUSD school to implement this program on their campus. The Grab ‘N’ Go program received positive feedback from AHS students regarding the satisfactory service it provided to students.

“Honestly, it’s kind of cool to have the option of getting breakfast when you walk into school.” Leslie Gutierrez, a senior at AHS said. “A lot of kids skip breakfast so that they are not late, and I think that it’s great that our school is trying to make sure that kids do not miss the most important meal of the day and are able to focus better in class.”

The main purpose of this new Grab ‘N’ Go program is to cut down the serving time and waiting time in line to provide a faster process for students to receive breakfast. With this small preview of this program coming soon to SGHS, students are looking forward to see what the Grab ‘N’ Go program is really all about.

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