Halloween maze seeks to scare

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Last year, students braced themselves as they entered the dark auditorium with their hearts pounding furiously in their ears and screams ready to erupt from their lungs. Built and ran by drama and technical theater students and guided by teacher Patrick Posada, the Halloween maze is an anticipated tradition for San Gabriel High School during the month of October.

The upcoming Halloween maze will have a blackout theme. Maze goers will each be given a LED light to navigate the maze in total darkness. Rather than the traditional scare tactics, which are more about ghosts and monsters yelling “Boo!”, the Halloween Maze will opt for a more psychological approach. The idea capitalizes on students’ imagination to scare them. With little vision of their surroundings, students become more aware of everything. Similar concepts were used in the past couple of Halloween mazes; according to Posada, it has proven to be effective in its goal: to scare the daylights out of people.

Halloween maze will also include more twists and turns. Posada and the students ensure that it will be different every year by not confining the maze to a set layout.

Last year, the maze gained immense success; it remained open two days past Halloween due to an influx of unexpected goers. Consequently, the number of tickets available this year will be capped at about 400.

The date for presale tickets has not been determined yet, but presale tickets will cost $9 without ASB card and $7 with ASB card. Tickets at the door will also be $9.

The Halloween maze will be open on Oct. 24, 26, 27, 30 and 31 during lunchtime at the auditorium.

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