Dallas Ortega, 11, Football

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Joining in his freshman year, junior Dallas Ortega, through hardwork and determination, holds a proud spot on San Gabriel High School (SGHS) varsity football team.

“Well, my dad played football when he was younger, so I guess I just fell into the sport ever since I was about four and I have just been playing it ever since,” Ortega said. “I actually played for a team in [my] 8th-grade year and wanted to continue in San Gabriel.”

Ortega, despite some losses, holds a positive outcome with improvements not only for himself but for his teammates as well. Ortega has faced ups and downs during his games but managed to make it to his third year of football with success. Long practices and games allowed the team to pull through some hard earned victories and triumphs in their playoffs. However, Ortega hopes that his teammates can “stay on the same page and get better throughout the years.”

“When most of my friends were on the team during our freshman year, we were always known for not being that good,” Ortega said. “It was our second game, we were going down at first and our coach gave us a talk then we ended up coming back and winning. That started a spark for us and it was really special for me.”

With this being his third year in football, Ortega hopes to continue his last year with a good season and pursue football into his college career.

“If you ever feel like you can’t do something, just do it. I’m not that big compared to other guys [on the team] but I still try my best,” Ortega said. “No matter what size you are, what grade you are, you can do it.”

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