Cafeteria introduces new lunch menu

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Cafeteria displays a variety of items from the updated menu of this year.

As the new school year started, more options were added to the lunch menu in hopes of making the meals both nutritious and more appealing to the students.

Each year, a food fair is held where new menu items are introduced. Last year, it was held at the Local Control Accountability Plan Exposition at San Gabriel High School, where attendees sampled items and participated in a survey.

“From the surveys, we got a consensus of what your peers liked,” Roxanne Venega, cook manager of San Gabriel High School, said. “Students seemed to be more into spicy and flavorful foods.”

When the new menu was first implemented, Venega noticed that students became more excited.

“Hardly ever do I see a student reject a brownie or potato wedges,” Venega said. “However, we can’t have it on the menu everyday, because some days it will be over calorie count. That is why you only see it on certain days.”

Sophomore Darian Sun noticed that apple juice and strawberry milk were added to the beverage options.

“I like the new food options because it is different,” Sun said. “I think the new menu is a good change because it gives a variety of different things compared to previous years.”

Junior Wendy Zamora likes how the change brought along more diverse food options, her favorite being the tamale. She admits that it tastes pretty good and actually fills your appetite.

“Well I’m definitely glad that the menu has been improved upon,” Zamora said. “It makes lunch a little more enjoyable, and it makes me happy to see that more people actually finish their food.”

The new lunch menu can be found at: <>

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