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Athlete of the Month: Lilian Ngo

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During her freshman year, senior Lilian Ngo joined the tennis team after her friends encouraged her to try out. She went from not having any experience in tennis to being on the varsity girls team in both her junior and senior year.

“[Even though] I started playing tennis in freshman year,” Ngo said, “I [only] started playing seriously during the end of sophomore year. What inspired me was really the coach seeing that I had potential and believing in me.”

From her four years of hard work and dedication to the team, Ngo most values the relationships she has developed with certain teammates while playing the sport.

“Tennis is really fun and it’s a really team-oriented sport so you get to communicate with your teammates,” Ngo said. “I feel like I’m more open to talk to people and more accepting to how they act.”

Ngo is also very grateful to her coaches, especially Coach Marsela, for teaching her how to play tennis.

“They’re just really supportive and concerned about how you’re doing,” Ngo said. “When I’m on the court, I feel at ease because I’m not worrying about school as much. [But when I get nervous at times], especially during game days, it’s usually my partner or my coach that calms me down.”

Ngo had multiple partners during pre-season but as of right now she only has one. She says that because her and her partner only have a few classes together, they do not talk as much outside of tennis. However, when they are on the court, they “just click.”

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