Asian mosquitoes introduce themselves into San Gabriel Valley

Asian Tiger mosquitoes are appearing in the San Gabriel Valley in large numbers due to humid weather. The small mosquitoes can carry diseases such as the West Nile and are active during the daytime. Originally from Southeast Asia, they appeared in West Los Angeles (L.A.) because of California’s weather, resulting in faster reproduction. Residents living in L.A. are at risk of getting bitten in times when the number of West Nile cases are rising.

“Mosquitoes like humidity and these higher temperatures cause more evaporation in landscaped areas, which ‘produces an ideal microclimate’ for the bugs,” Kenn Fujioka, manager of the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District, said.

San Gabriel High School students are exposed to the aggressive mosquitoes when they run under humid weather conditions or dress with minimal clothing that leaves a larger skin surface area. The symptom of a mosquito bite is a swollen and itchy red bump on the affected area. Although whether it is the Asian Tiger mosquito or not, the pain is irritating and creates a compulsive desire to scratch.

“Mosquitoes are annoying. I got bit multiple times and my mom had to take me to the doctors,” junior Mimi Han said.

The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, an LA public district, deals with managing mosquitoes and preventing disease transmission in the lower Los Angeles region. It has not found any solutions for the infestation of Asian Tiger mosquitoes but advice for prevention was announced.


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