Girls volleyball win, advances on Alhambra Moors

It was San Gabriel High School (SGHS) Matadors girls varsity volleyball second to last home game and sixth game of their last volleyball season. The girls crushed all three sets, serving them their fourth win of the season against Alhambra High School (AHS) Moors on Oct. 10.

Within the first few rotations of the first set, SGHS already had a huge lead. Thanks to the various aces by servers, great hits by hitters, and incredible passes by passers, the Matadors beat the Moors by 19 points; the final score of the first match being 25-6.

When the second match came to play, the Moors returned to the court fighting harder than they did in the previous match. By minimizing their mistakes and moving to the ball a bit more, they earned eight more points than in the previous set. Even though AHS played harder, SGHS continued their momentum by dominating the second set, ending it with a 25-14 victory.

The final set was the closest the Matadors and Moors faced out of all three sets. Although SGHS again started with a lead in the beginning, they lost it towards the end of the set when AHS started making their serves, stopped hitting into the net, and passed most of SGHS’s hits. The score was 19-18 with Moors in the lead. However, SGHS would not take being down by one point, so they worked harder and fought for their victory. Junior Anna Liu saw an empty spot on the Moors’ court and took that as an opportunity to smack the ball there. This caused their passer to dive in for the ball, but miss, giving the point to the Matadors.

“I think I did pretty good, but it definitely was not my best,” Liu said. “There were moments where I let myself and my teammates down.”

Although Liu believes she could have done better, senior captain Nicole Nguyen believes, “the starters are finally getting into their game and they know that they have responsibilities so they are finally living up to it.” Nguyen’s great passes got the ball up. That helped junior Virginia Situ’s smoothly set the ball for middle blocker to hit, leading to Liu’s kill. SGHS won the final set by a score of 25-20.

After the Matadors’ triumphant win, the girls are determined to face Bell Gardens on Oct. 17 with another victory.



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