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Grad night moves to Universal

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Senior Grad Night, traditionally held at Disneyland, will be at Universal Studios Hollywood this year. The Senior Class Council (SCC) held a poll to determine the location and pricing, with Universal tickets valued at $85 and Disneyland/California Adventure at $150. The poll indicated a landslide victory for Disneyland, but the location was changed to Universal after a mishap involving the ticket booking website.

SCC adviser Francesca Jung said that she was online in the morning when the registration opened.

“Something happened to the website, so then it broke.” Jung said, “ I called them and I was on the phone for five hours and by the time I was on it had already sold out.”

Aside from website issues, Jung also credits a lack of available dates for the change in venue. “They’re decreasing every year, it’s just so competitive.” Jung said “Because of that even Alhambra [High School] can’t go now.”

She explained that SCC was not involved in the ticket booking process. “The members have nothing to do with it, it’s just me, but even then it really doesn’t matter,” Jung said. “It’s out of my control, but being the adviser of course I wanted the best for the kids.”

Seniors Brian Maldonado and Anthony Aparicio have started a petition to change the location back to Disneyland, which according to them has garnered 45 to 50 signatures. Jung, however,  disagreed with the petition.

“It’s not like Disneyland will be flexible just because we have a petition going around, they have a set number and after that, that’s it,” Jung said.

Maldonado and Aparicio claim that their petition’s goal is to take a stand, even if it may not change the location. “We don’t like how just because we’re kids they think they can just make changes without notifying us or telling us what’s going on,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado and Aparicio have met with Jung to discuss the issue, as well as with Principal Debbie Stone and Assistant Principal of Business and Activities Matthew Dultz. “Pretty much Mrs. Stone and Mr. Dultz tried to get us excited for Universal,” Maldonado said.

Grad Night will be held after graduation and currently costs $85, down to $75 with an ASB card. Grad Night contracts are available in the Business and Activities office, they must be approved by Student Welfare and turned in to SCC Adviser Jung by May 18 in order to buy a ticket.

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