Wushiland Gains Popularity

Wushiland drinks (left to right): milk tea, honey green tea, and boba milk tea

The 626, an area code well known to represent the cities surrounding as well as within the San Gabriel Valley, is no stranger to boba shops and overall Asian cuisines. So it’s not a mystery as to why new establishments specializing in dessert drinks have suddenly swept through the streets of San Gabriel. In particular, a new cafe and bakery named Wushiland has recently been receiving quite the attention among teenagers in the area. Located in the San Gabriel Square plaza on Valley Boulevard and Del Mar, Wushiland is a convenient place to go to with easily accessible parking and decently priced menu items.

Items on the menu include mainly drinks; however, if a customer’s appetite is craving for something a little more filling, Wushiland also has a selection of waffle dishes, varying from sweet flavors (Caramel Apple and Vanilla Ice Cream) to savory flavors (Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream and Apple) amongst other flavors.

The price range for drink items vary from $2.74 to $5.49, depending on the sizes and drink types. As for waffle items, the price ranges from $10.95 to $11.95.

Senior Sandy Phan started working at Wushiland the first day it opened on June 1.  Phan is not only an employee at Wushiland, but also one of its many admirers. “I really love our oolong milk tea and I feel like our customers always order that or the typical boba milk tea, but I think some customers are unhappy with our drinks, because they’ve developed an acquired taste to more mainstream versions of boba milk tea. Since Wushiland originated from Taiwan, our idea of quality drinks may not always meet with the standards here,” Phan said.

I decided to give their boba milk tea a try since it seemed to be the most classic item on the menu. It gave me a better idea as to the way Wushiland makes their drinks. I really enjoyed the sweetness level for not being as dramatic compared to the way other boba shops make their drinks. They were generous with the ratio of boba to the actual drink alone. Another thing that I appreciated was their pricing; for a large I only had to pay $4.49, which is 25 cents more than their small. The atmosphere in the restaurant itself was also a plus, because it remained a peaceful and friendly environment, considering how many customers were being catered to.

Overall, I give Wushiland a 9 out of 10. The workers were friendly while also managing to be assertive and professional.They provided a good amount of seating, the price range is affordable, the quality tasted fresh, and it makes for a good place to study with friends. However, my only inconvenience was the wait, but every other factor that makes for a good boba shop was executed impressively at Wushiland.

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