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DACA removed in hopes of better System

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President Trump recently passed an executive order issuing the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive order passed by former President Obama. Following the order, protests burst out and more than half a million immigrants were sent into a panic in fear of deportation. But despite this initial setback, the Democratic Party and the president are working towards replacing DACA in a manner that will appeal to all the sides this decision affects. The DACA Act was the former president’s great idea that he had and couldn’t wait to enact so he passed it as an executive order, not a law. Trump removed DACA because it wasn’t a law, but people were treating it like it was.


Obama’s DACA program was something he had hoped would help hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who fled to the U.S. with their children stay safe and avoid deportation. Citizens, Senators from all political parties, and more are upset with  Trump for taking that away from those immigrant children, many of whom are now  adults. “The president should not have removed DACA,” they said; it does not help his approval ratings, it hurts the economy, and it makes almost everyone mad. But while most of the nation calls the president a racist for ending DACA, some choose to see it as an opportunity to improving the U.S. immigration policy.


Trump turned over DACA to Congress and gave them six months to find a different immigration system. For a short time, the chances of them actually doing it were slim, but since then the president and Democratic Party announced they were negotiating how to resolve the DACA issue and protect the Dreamers.


Until that time, however, there are still quite a few Dreamers who fear being deported; a fear that is understandable. But deportations are expensive and not at the top of the president’s to-do list, despite his constant threats to enforce them.


Trump tweeted to the affected Dreamers, “You have nothing to worry about — No action,” regarding deportations.


The millions of voices calling the president evil for removing DACA and asking for his impeachment really seem to be missing the point of this action. Ending the DACA program and trying to make a law out of it was what the Dreamers were dreaming about and what Obama intended.


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