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Rm. A210: US History, World History

Terri Margaret Johnson Reyes

About me

-has a fox red labrador named Sisig

-loves competitive shooting, hunting

-been to 43 states, lived in 4

Why did you decide to teach?

History was boring to me when I was in school. It didn’t become fun until I started traveling as an adult and admiring other cultures and their history. History is a class all about storytelling and I want to bring it to life!

Any interesting facts about you?

I am going to have a baby in January! Don’t ask if it’s a boy or girl, because I don’t know either! I took Spanish for 11 years, so I am confident that I can survive in a Spanish-only speaking country.

Any advice for students?

Practice time management and set high goals for yourself. Keep those goals up there no matter how many times you fail. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish. I got some bad grades in high school and undergrad, but I still got a degree from an Ivy League!


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