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Cindy Cao

About me

-loves sleeping
(Record for sleeping is 36 hours)

-loves math and science

-taught at two other schools

What was your first choice in a career? What made you change your mind?

My very first choice was a pharmacist so I was in the pharmaceutical science field.

My high school counselor Mr. Bernthal is one of the main reasons why I am in education. He goes above and beyond to make sure that we’re taken care of first. His unconditional care for us, without expecting anything in return, made me want to become someone like him.

I wasn’t always the “best” student. I get by in school and do the work, but I wasn’t ever engaged in what I was learning until I met my History teacher Mr. Hernandez. He taught me how to connect ideas with what I was learning. AP Government was definitely a tough class. It was a class that kept pushing me to think and not memorize. The work he assigned was no joke. I remember my friends and I spent the entire 2 weeks of winter break doing his “short” winter break assignment, but I would not had wanted to take the class with any other teacher than him.


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